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06/21/2018 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Feature #33: Fuel Consume if you can, else prevent moving 0:05 Actions
04/01/2018 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Bug #305: End building Notification display wrong level 0:05 Actions
11/17/2018 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Bug #307: Research/Map: Can't zoom on mobile Fix map zoom on mobile 0:05 Actions
04/01/2018 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Improvement #336: Fleet UIs: ENTER to confirm forms 0:05 Actions
06/05/2018 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Feature #358: Notification board Changement du display de la croix "clear all" selon si il y'a des notifs ou non 0:05 Actions
12/05/2018 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Bug #401: Solar map: click event on bottom of planet does not work properly Propriété CSS trouvée par hasard 0:05 Actions
06/09/2018 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development #157 Ajout du test de verification des sessions 0:05 Actions
03/22/2020 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Feature #38: Moral 0:05 Actions
05/11/2019 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Bug #70: Contact: invalid captcha Fix grace au script de login 0:05 Actions
02/24/2019 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Feature #407: Add missing Halos & Front of some planets & stars Halo 901 0:05 Actions
09/16/2020 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Other Improvement #416: Use promises instead of callback in server code Tactics.checkOwner() 0:05 Actions
05/29/2019 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Bug #472: Unit is not building when fleet is empty (updateunit method) Confirmation 0:05 Actions
02/29/2020 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Other Feature #477: Moteur de dépendances 0:05 Actions
02/28/2020 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Feature #477: Moteur de dépendances Bug lors du compte des flottes si on a une flotte d'un autre joueur (info publiques uniquement) clientside 0:05 Actions
11/01/2020 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Other Bug #484: Complex passwords doesn't work with hash algorithm 0:05 Actions
06/16/2019 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Bug #487: Incorrect server-side statistics 0:05 Actions
02/27/2020 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Other Improvement #498: Improve buildings description 0:05 Actions
02/26/2020 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Bug #505: "Merge fleet" button not working 0:05 Actions
01/15/2020 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Bug #506: Wrong helium 3 production on tooltips on level 0 0:05 Actions
02/26/2020 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Other Improvement #529: Ameliorer la description du tutoriel sur les recherches 0:05 Actions
11/26/2019 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Bug #537: Wrong attack notif message 0:05 Actions
12/09/2019 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Bug #548: It's showing DISABLED_FUNCTIONALITY message when clicking on "My profile" link 0:05 Actions
02/20/2020 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Improvement #550: Prevent showing tutorial when asked by server if mimimized one is the same 0:05 Actions
02/27/2020 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Feature #569: Notify all player when a battle simulation ends 0:05 Actions
01/19/2020 Axel "Elanis" Soupé Development Bug #573: Server Crash 0:05 Actions
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