Manufactur'inc: Lead your new company to success in this industry management game. Blueprint and optimize your production; make ethical choices to influence your worker conditions, ecological impact, automation level, and more.!

Alchemistry: Alchemistry, it's a casual puzzle game made around the craft and merge of elements.It has a sandbox and a challenge mode. The first one have no goal except discovering every element the game has, the latter give you objective elements to craft with a group of base elements.

Extortion: You're a computer engineer with a terrible secret. Someone is blackmailing you and now, you have to hack some servers and get secret files for them. Would you success to achieve his missions or would you find him and revenge ?

Galactae: Space Age Dawn: Galactae is an in-brower space game where you manage your own nation: Emperor, CEO or President; lead your nation to conquer other planets. This game is highly axed on gameplay possibility and have its own Lore !Note: Developement has been paused for the moment

Websites This website was created to raise awareness on basic hashing weaknesses. This website own and generate its own dictionary about weak hashes. (Database Dump): Do you want a random game achievement, a random game, stats about how much you got achievements ? That website is here for you ! Check if your favorite service is up or down.


canvas2d-wrapper: A React Wrapper to use HTML5 canvas with mouse move and zoom abilities.

Dysnomia.Common.BlizzardWebAPI: A C# library to easily get data from Blizzard Web API.

Dysnomia.Common.SQL: A driver agnostic Micro-ORM for .NET Core & .NET

Dysnomia.Common.SteamWebAPI: A C# library to easily get data from Steam Web API


L.U.M.E.N.: A simple and modulable personal assistant built on Electron.

translatool: A cross-platform GUI to easily translate your local projects.


"Web to Desktop" framework comparison: This repository was made to create an objective comparison of multiple framework that grant us to "transform" our web app to desktop application formats.


domain-checker: Check if a domain name list is available or not, and their expiration date using ip2whois

dmarc-parser: A simple job that query, parse and save to database dmarc aggregate reports